Our Company's Profile & Business

SEETOO PEST CONTROL is a leading pest control company in Singapore and Malaysia, providing termite and pest control services to both residential and commercial customers.

Whether you live or work in a house or apartment, you will have to protect your property from common pests like termites, rodents, mosquitoes, cockroach and ants, which will pose a major health risk and damage to your property.

Seetoo Pest Control has been in this business for close to 20 years, having been established since 1993. We have become one the most trusted pest control companies in Singapore and we have expanded our services to Malaysia and later to other neighbouring countries, whereby we can provide you a total and integrated solution spanning across geographical regions.

Our general pest programme is designed to meet your unique needs. Our technicians all undergo a nationally recognized training program and have been certified by government regulatory bodies. Our Company is also ISO 9000 certified since 1995.

Our systematic approach to solving your problems includes:

  1. Inspecting your premises for extent of infestation

  2. Diagnosing your pest problem and its causes

  3. Recommending a plan of action to solve your current problem and to lead to a long-lasting solution

  4. Carrying out a solution that is environmentally safe, targeting pests yet assuring the safety of you and your loved ones, employees or colleagues

  5. Providing periodic monitoring for continued success of the pest control program

We are innovative and use all the latest technological methods and equipments to provide you with top quality service.

Our best recommendation still comes from our customers. More than 85% have remained with us since we set up our business and referrals continue to stream in from our customers who have benefited from our effective solutions.