Pest Control

Pest control activities are usually related to protection of disease transmission by animals and insects such as mosquitoes, cockroaches and rodents. Pest management activities are also related to the protection of material, ranging from food, fabrics to properties. 
Most people regard ‘Pest’ as an organism that, at a given place and time, is undesirable, noting that the nature of the undesirability may be a direct threat to health or property or may be simply related to comfort or aesthetics. Pest activities are widely recognised as threatening to either health or destruction of material possessions.
We have therefore classified pest under the following kinds or organisms:-
Structural Pest Insects, mainly termites and wood boring beetles and fungi that destroy wood.
Diseases Carrier Pest Owing to their activities, may carry diseases and owing to their co-existence with humans, may transmit diseases to people
Stored products Pests Organisms that infest, consume and contaminate stored foods, usually living and breeding within the raw or processed products.
Fabric Pests Organisms that attack materials such as carpets, cotton, linen and paper
Irritating & Biting Pests : Organisms that annoy people or by biting, stinging or irritating and may also transmit diseases.
Miscellaneous Pests Oganisms that occasionally cause some concern or annoyance.
SEETOO specialist will access the pest infestation level of your properties and advice you on the control measurements. We ensure the customized programmed is base on your need and implemented in the most effective way.

Our Services include:

  1. Ants Control
  2. Cockroaches Control
  3. Rodents Control
  4. Flies And Mosquitos Control
  5. Aerial Pests