Cockroach Control

It’s not uncommon to find homes with cockroach problems. These tenacious pests often enter buildings looking for food and water. While they may not damage property, they are known disease carriers and can cause food poisoning.

Cockroaches eat almost anything that humans eat and once they take a bite out of our food, the risk of contamination is extremely high.

Cockroaches can enter a building through manholes, drains holes, door or window gaps etc. Early detection and control is crucial. Once inside, they will seek out food and water supplies and will likely begin building nests that will grow into colonies in cracks and crevices in your premises.

5-Step Cockroach Treatment

  1. Prevention. Inspect the items entering your home carefully. Plus check the physical condition of the building as cockroaches can enter buildings through holes, cracks and crevices.
  2. Good sanitation: Since cockroaches flourish where food and moisture are readily available, deny them food, water and shelter by practicing good sanitation habits.
  3. Inspection and identification. After a thorough inspection of the area and with the correct species identified, the proper treatment may then be carried out immediately.
  4. Pesticides application. The use of pesticides containing flushing agents will eliminate the cockroaches easily.