Flying Insects Control

Aerial Pests
Flying pests can be a major nuisance and even pose health risks by spreading diseases. Flies and mosquitoes are common flying pests in this region and have ruined many recreational and work activities with their aerial presence.

Fly and Mosquito Control
High on the list of annoying flying pests are flies. Flies can be a year-long problem and they also pose a major health risk. They can carry a wide range of disease-causing microbes, such as those responsible for cholera and parasitic worm infections, from filthy breeding sites into your home.

Mosquitoes are especially bothersome with their bites. The bites and the irritation they cause can be extremely distressing to their victims. More critically, mosquitoes are associated with a variety of deadly human diseases including malaria and dengue fever.

4-Step Fly and Mosquito Treatment

  1. Prevention. Stop them from entering the building by closing up gaps and other openings.
  2. Good sanitation. Keeping the area clean and free of leftover food can help prevent flies from gathering. To reduce the number of mosquito breeding sites, be sure to cover or remove any still water.
  3. Inspection. Our experienced inspectors will assist in locating their harborage sites.
  4. Pesticides application. The use of proper pesticides will often result in an immediate knockdown effect that kills adult flies and mosquitoes almost instantly. At the same time, larvicides are used to control the larvae of mosquitoes from further growth.