Wasp, Hornet and Bee Control

Wasp, Hornet and Bee Control
Being stung by a wasp, hornet or bee can be a very painful experience and may even be life threatening. Hundreds of people die each year from severe allergic reaction to the venom of these flying insects.

Wasps and hornets are more dangerous and unpredictable than bees. Be sure to take sensible precautions when encountering their nests.
Call for a SEETOO pest control specialist to ensure that the nests are properly managed and dealt with.

Other Dangerous Pests

Snake and Scorpion Control
SEETOO pest control specialists are trained to protect you and your family from snakes and scorpions and even the less threatening lizard.
Although it is uncommon to find snakes in modern Singapore, they are around. Snakes like the python may still be spotted across the island.

Centipede and Millipede Control
Centipedes are well known with their many pairs of legs. Centipedes are in fact a dangerous pest as they use their sharp fangs to inject deadly venom into other insects on which they feed. They are usually active at night and prefer to nest in dark and humid places. Generally, millipedes do not possess any health hazards to humans.

Our technical specialists will advice you on the appropriate control methods to take, such as getting rid of debris, sealing entry points and possibility using pesticides. These measures will help drastically reduce the centipede and millipede populations.