Drywood Termite

Latin Name:

Class Insecta
Order Isoptera
Family Kalotermitida


The larvae are translucent white in appearance and are approximately 0.8mm long. The dry wood soldier is approximately 4.8mm in size with a pale thorax and abdomen. Soldiers have darker head than the larvae. The adults can be up to 10mm long including wings. No worker caste in the colony. Colonies may contain up to 2,700 members.


Eusocial. Create colonies in wood, with no connection to the ground necessary; often found in attic wood; need very little moisture.


Cause serious damage to structures, often long before they are discovered; Prefer wood and occasionally other cellulose material. Piles of sawdust-like pellets are a distinct sign of infestation


Nymphs pass through seven instars before reaching adulthood; sexual forms eventually swarm to form new colony.