Quality and Safety Policy

Quality Policy

The Management and Staff of the company are committed to provide services of a high standard of quality for it’s customers.

To achieve this, we will:
  • Ensure that all staff has the necessary quality training
  • Sustain effort in continual improvement and maintaining of the Quality Management System with ISO 9001:2008 as a  management tool.

Safety Policy

It is the vision of the Company to provide a safe and injury-free working environment. Seetoo will actively promote responsibility and concern for the safety of our customers, our employees and the general public at all levels of the Company and in all aspects of our business. We undertake to ensure that work is performed without undue risk to health and safety . We will provide a safe and healthy working environment for all our employees. Our safety management system is developed to ensure compliance with both the legal and client’s requirements to all our operations, and sound business practices within our industry. We will continue to provide a continuous program of education and learning to promote safety. All employees of the company are to adhere strictly to all standards established by the Company with regards to safety Such developed standards will be communicated clearly to employees with relevance to their work areas. All employees will have personal commitment to perform their jobs in accordance with established procedures and safe work practices. The Company will continue to strive to look into improvements in the areas of workplace health and safety.