SeeToo Commitment

  1. We Honor God
    We believe that God created each of us for specific reasons, tasks, and purposes, and also equipped us with a combination of talents, skills, and abilities. We honor God by being a faithful steward of all that is entrusted to us.
  2. We Value People and Produce Quality Work
    Each person’s worth and uniqueness is valuable to us. We create an environment that provides dignity and respect, and lets us all find meaning and purpose in our work. How well our clients are being served depends on how we are all motivated, respected and trained.
  3. We Respect Diversity
    We welcome the differences among us and believe that these differences add depth to our work. We aspire to make the best use of our talents and capabilities and to provide opportunities for our own professional development.
  4. We Built On Trust
    Trust plays an important role within our organization as a trusting environment allows us to take risks and actions to do what is right and best for everyone.
  5. We Do What We Say
    We always deliver on our promises. We are all empowered to make the organization succeed and everyone is fully accountable for his or her own actions.
  6. We Do What Is Right
    We are dedicated to safety first and have always complied with local laws and regulations. Doing what is right means delivering the highest quality service to our customers with responsible products and practices.
  7. We Value Teamwork
    Our achievements come from the combined efforts of each individual. Working together allows us to listen to each other, respond to different views, provide support to those who need it and also recognise the interests as well as achievements of others.
  8. We Value Open Communication
    We are encouraged to think, question and form independent judgments, and be responsible for changing the way business is done. Open communication is the key to better teamwork, enhanced work relationships, increased job satisfaction, innovation and creativity.
  9. We Care Our Environment
    We have established a stringent set of codes and practices in the area of environmental responsibility. We are always striving for results that not only comply with regulations but also significantly reduce our environmental impacts.
  10. We Love Our Community
    Our community means a lot to us therefore we are always involved in community services and volunteer efforts. We believe in giving back to the masses and have organised many company-sponsored volunteer programmes, as well as working with other non-profit organizations.