TERMGUARD System provides homeowners with the latest concept in termite control and management for as long as 50 years. The system originates from Australia. It has been used and installed in countries such as Australia, USA, Malaysia and Japan over the last 22 years and more than 150,000 homes have used this effective system to protect their homes, buildings etc.

TERMGUARD System is based on the principal of establishing a permanent termite control liquid distribution system under the concrete slab. This system allows approved termite control liquid to be recharged periodically depending on the type of termite control liquid used. The retreatment of the soil forms a continuous treated zone around the building or development thus providing constant protection.

With the TERMGUARD System, homeowners have the perfect solution for longer term control and management of subterranean termites. It is capable of delivering equal volumes of termite control liquid throughout the system by way of a simple and non disruptive recharging method. Due to the flexibility of the system, homeowners will also have the opportunity to use other types of termite control liquid which may become available locally in the future.

TERMGUARD System is a closed system and therefore offers all the safety features when it comes to termite control liquid handling. There is no necessary exposure to the workmen, preserving air quality, and most importantly, no exposure to the occupants of the house. Unlike the conventional post construction corrective treatment method, which involves the drilling of numerous holes and resulting in damages to beautiful flooring.


TERMGUARD System is fast, as the recharging of termite control liquid only takes less than 30 minutes.





We have installed more than 1000 units all over Singapore



  • Longer Term Protection with 50 years warranty*
    The only termite system provides the homeowner with an even longer term protection against subterranean termite infestation and damage.
  • Cost effective
    alternative compared to other termite management systems.
  • Replenishable
    A treated zone can be quickly created throughout the entire area covered by the system through a simple recharge that takes only minutes.
  • No Exposure& Disruption
    It eliminates exposure and disruption to the homeowner when termite control liquid is recharged.
  • No Drilling
    It eliminates the necessity to use disruptive methods like drilling.
  • Enhance the value of property
  • Free Annual Inspection
  • Unique system
    1st of its kind in Singapore-Patent Protected