Termite Control

Visual Inspection
How Termites (Anai Anai) enter your home / property 

Termites (anai-anai) are in constant movement in the soil in search for food. A property may be safe today but not tomorrow. They can crawl through cracks as thin as a piece of paper to enter your home. These tiny pests respond to environmental cues such as moisture and temperature gradients. Foundation cracks, wall joints, gaps around plumbing and pipes are all possible entry points.


Termites (anai-anai) search areas within tunnels spreading out from the colony in a radial pattern. These search patterns divide and subdivide so that they are able to cover as wide an area as possible. In other words, sooner or later, if a property exists in the area they will find it.

Termites (anai-anai) cause destruction of millions of dollars of property every year. No building is ever immune to their attack. Most of the time they go undetected, hidden away in their tunnels Within the building structure, until it is too late.