How our termite solutions work

Post-Construction: Termite Termination at Work

Termite Treated Zone System
Once inside the building, our specialist will follow a series of steps to ensure successful termite control.

  1. Locate the termites’ entry points and treatment areas. This is done with the use of a termite control programme with Autocad
  2. Create injection points in the flooring of these established locations
  3. Use the appropriate termite control method to establish a treated zone
  4. Start corrective treatment by inspecting premises to determine the location of subterranean termite infestation
  5. Create entry points in the flooring for the application of liquid termiticide into the ground

Why create a Treated Zone?
A treated zone protects a building from invading termites. When termites forage into the treated zone, they inadvertently pick up the pesticides present before returning to the nest. Once the treatment reaches the nest, an entire termite colony of termites will eventually be eradicated.

Benefits of Chemical Treated Zone:

  • Longer termite protection
  • Qualified technician on call
  • Total termite colony elimination
  • Use of reliable pesticides
  • Technical support
  • Service warranty

Monitoring and Baiting System

There are many ways of eradicating termites and the method we recommend is dependent on the scenario of the infestation.

Termite Monitoring and Baiting System (MBS) is another proven method employed by SEETOO.

This System consists of two sets of units, the In-Ground (IG) and Above Ground (AG) units. Locating the active termites and the right installation techniques are essential to the success of this method. This is followed by closely monitoring the System for any termite activity.

Here’s how MBS works:

  1. Installation of In-Ground (IG) units. After indentifying the termite entry points around the building, we will start installing non-toxic termite baits at these points.  The In-Ground stations will then monitor the termite activity non-stop and all-year round.
  2. Installation of Above Ground (AG) units. When termites are already present in your home, this is the best system to get rid of them before they destroy your property. The termites will bring the bait back to poison the rest of the colony.
  3. Monitoring. With a monitoring station in the area, it’s the easiest way to spot any termite activity.
  4. Top up. The termite baits are easily topped up at the stations. This will continue until the termites bring a sufficient amount back to the colony, to share among them and eventually destroy their colony. Although deadly to termites, the bait is non-toxic to you and your household pets.
  5. Monitoring continues. While the leftover bait in IG and AG are removed, the monitoring of termite activity in IG continues. The compound is still susceptible to new termite colonies and keeping a close watch on the area is nonetheless essential.
  6. Routine inspection service. To ensure peace of mind, we also provide a thorough inspection that encompasses the garden, house and roof areas.